Worship Ministries


St. Romanos Church Choir – Persons are encouraged to join the parish choir. Rehearsals are normally held once a week.

  • Contact: Rdr. James Kushlan

Parish Greeters – Parish greeters are needed to greet visitors as they enter and leave church services. Visitors are given the church bulletin and encouraged to sign the guest book in the rear of the church. Greeters may accompany visitors to the fellowship hour following services. Follow-up calls or letters may be made to thank visitors for attending, and encouraging them to return.

  • Contact: Joanne Wevodau

Parish Readers – Individuals are needed to the read the Hours before Sunday Liturgy, which is done while the priest makes final preparations for the service. Readers are also needed for the Epistle lesson during Liturgy. There are additional readings which are required during Vespers and feast day services.

  • Contact: Rdr. Matthew (Chet) Lubecki

Prosphora Bakers – Individuals prepare and bake the Prosphora bread which is used for the Divine Liturgy.

  • Contact: Nora Lubecki

Vestry Duties – Adult members of the parish can assist church council members in performing duties during church services, including bell ringing, troika candle assignment, placing of the microphone, ushering, taking the offering, putting up candles prior to the services, and extinguishing candles after the services. In the absence of council members, experienced adult members will assume responsibility for performing all duties.

  • Contact: Mark Rodak

Feast Day Adornment – Individuals involved with this function will obtain and put in place flowers for the Nativity season and for Pascha, as well as the greens for Pentecost. They will clean and install the various colored votive glasses, and assist in the changing of the table coverings, which coincide with the various festive cycles.

  • Contact: Fr. Stephen Vernak