Service through Fellowship


Fellowship of Orthodox Christians in America (FOCA) – The Fellowship of Orthodox Christians in America is the official fraternal organization of the Orthodox Church in America. Its mission includes the following: studying the tenets of the Faith; supporting, encouraging and promoting Orthodox youth ministries; supporting, encouraging and promoting the missionary growth of Orthodoxy; encouraging and promoting unity among all Orthodox people; establishing practical means for Orthodox Christians to form enduring friendships on local and national levels; providing educational, cultural, social and athletic activities for Orthodox Christians. FOCA provides fellowship opportunities for families - men, women and children/youth. Our local chapter is commonly known as the Harrisburg “O” Club.

  • Contact: Dimitri Ressetar

St. Alexis Toth Orthodox Men’s Club – This is an organization of men from our parish devoted to service and fellowship. The Men’s Club sponsors many opportunities for fellowship. Some serve as fundraisers which benefit the parish. Others are strictly organized for fellowship among all parishioners. They have sponsored the annual Harrisburg Senators baseball outing. They also sponsor the annual Super Bowl Dinner in February, The annual Nativity Open House, as well as various after-church breakfasts and dinners.

  • Contact: Dave Martin

St. Mary’s Altar Guild – This organization of parish women is also devoted to fellowship and service in the parish. One of their primary functions is the purchasing and maintenance of vestments and table coverings. The Altar Guild coordinates the parish nutroll baking, and participates in the food preparation for our annual parish food festival. The members utilize the opportunities provided by these events to share fellowship not only among themselves, but also with all members of our parish community.

  • Contact: Christine Velott