Administrative Ministries


Parish Council – Parishioners are invited to serve on the parish council elected at the annual parish meeting. They will attend the monthly parish council meetings, and take a lead role in the various administrative decisions and activities of the parish. Parish council members often serve on the various committees which oversee and coordinate annual parish functions or major initiatives.

  • Contact: Dave Pawlush

Property Improvement Committee – This committee oversees and prioritizes the major property maintenance, repairs and improvements required for our parish community. They solicit bids for work and oversee the successful completion of projects, working closely with the parish council.

  • Contact: John Dotsey

Property/Grounds Care – Volunteers assist in the routine but important care of the parish grounds. Tasks include trimming shrubs, shoveling snow, raking leaves, changing light bulbs, painting, minor repairs and so forth. Interested individuals should submit their names to be included on a list of available persons, who are then contacted on an as-needed basis.

  • Contact: Jason Zeppuhar

Religious Bookstore – Individuals will keep track of the inventory, re-order additional items and serve as sales clerks after Sunday services. The Bookstore is located in the social hall, and is open every Sunday after Liturgy.

  • Contact: Denny Bupp & Christine Velott

Child Protection Committee – This committee ensures that all Sunday School teachers, Adult altar servers, Readers and parish Council members have received clearance to perform their duties based upon background checks. The committee also provides training in child protection issues and keeps our church policies up to date.

  • Contact: Lorrie Pawlush

Safety and Security Committee - This committee oversees issues regarding the safety and security of people when they are on our property, as well as security of the buildings and grounds themselves.

  • Contact: Mark Rodak & Mark Yerke